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What are compostable phone cases?
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What are compostable phone cases?

Phone cases can be stylish and long lasting, but few people keep their smart phone for more than 2 or 3 years.  Enticed by newer models we regularly upgrade and the new handset is inevitably a different size with buttons and cameras in totally different places.  So although a plastic case is very durable, it has a pretty short lifespan before ending up as landfill.

Thankfully there’s an alternative – a compostable phone case.

But what are compostable phone cases?

A compostable phone case is one that completely breaks down in compost without adding any nasties to the environment.

What are compostable phone cases made out of?

They are made from natural plant materials such as bamboo, flax and wheat fibres. These are made renewable resources (plants like flax are replanted after harvesting), saving on use of petroleum (the main component of plastic phone cases).

How long does a compostable phone case last?

You’d be easily forgiven for questioning how long a compostable case will last and whether it’ll start to break down around your phone! 

‘Compostable’ means that the case will only start to degrade in special composting conditions, surrounded by moist soil/composting material, moisture, warmth and microorganisms responsible for breaking the case down into small harmless particles.   So be reassured that a compostable phone case will easily last as long as your phone!

A phone case from Holm Bay will compost in 6-18 months, depending on the case chosen. 

Will a compostable phone case really offer good protection?

Absolutely!  The cases are flexible and sturdy and Holm Bay compostable phone cases have been drop tested at 5 feet.

Whether you want to improve the environment or just want an unusual case, a compostable phone case is an excellent choice. 

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