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Which types of phone cases are best?
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Which types of phone cases are best?

Here’s our guide to choosing the right type of phone case for you.

Tough phone cases

tough phone case

A tough phone case is the super durable choice.  It includes a beautifully printed outer case and a separate silicone inner liner for added impact resistance and shock absorption that cushions the phone if dropped.   Great style and great protection.

Slim phone cases

slim phone case

Made with high quality polycarbonate, a slim phone case is the perfect minimalist option to offer some protection to your device without adding too much bulk.   Sleek and scratch resistant,  printed using ‘state-of-the-art’ high definition 3D full wrap technology.

Eco phone cases

eco phone case

Eco phone cases are made from from tough compostable bamboo and wheat fibres that will protect your phone.  The flexible case offers great protection (5 feet drop tested), then breaks down completely in compost when you’re done.  The most sustainable choice for your tech!

Whichever type of phone case is best for you, Holm Bay has a great range of bold statement designs that are sure to wow.



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