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What does your choice of phone case colour say about you?

What does your choice of phone case colour say about you?

What colour are you drawn to? 

It’s the one that excites you the most and you feel alive when you see it.

According to colour psychology, colours aren’t just associated with various feelings but can actually shape our perceptions and personalities.

Colour is said to reveal what you like and how you behave.

To understand your personality better (or just for fun!), check out what your choice of phone case colour says about you.


If you love the classy look of blue you are likely to be artistic, imaginative and creative.  People will love your charm, friendly demeanor and emotional balance.


If you are drawn to red you are a positive and loving person, with a fiery passion for life.  You’re determination to fulfil whatever goals you set, which inspires those around you. 


People who are fond of green are self aware and full of positive thoughts. Your friends value your loyalty and support. 


Lovers of pink are sensitive and emotional, wearing their heart on their sleeve.  You’re friends are drawn to your gentle nature and compassionate spirit. 


Those with an adventurous nature choose orange!  It’s a lively colour that is warm and inviting.  You never shy away from a challenge and live life to the full.


Yellow is delightfully bright and the colour for go-getting ambitious people.  You’re also upbeat, good natured and great fun to be around. 

Have you got a colourful case?

Why not choose from our range of boldly coloured cases!



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